Curiosity attack on titan stories

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Armin's curiosity has always been there, as a nagging obsession he can't let go of.


What lays beyond the wall? Armin asks himself this question daily. He is obsessed with it, aching to reach and cross it and find the world on the other side of the impenetrable barrier.

He aches to fulfill such an obsession, dreaming of it, wondering what lays hidden, why it's imperative that the wall never falls, why no scout group is ever sent over it.

A heretic, he was considered, for his interest, for reading the book he had found in his grandfather's home which detailed far more than the normal person knew about the subject.

He should have let go of the issue, found another interest, but he could not surrender his curiosity quite so easily.

If only he could become stronger, strong like his friends Eren and Mikasa, perhaps then he could help humanity get rid of those horrid monsters,

not only to bring peace once more to the lands he grew up in, but also to finally satisfy an obsession he had held from his earliest childhood.

It seemed, though, his interest, his obsession, was perhaps inherited.

Why had his parents tried to cross the Wall even when they knew there was a good chance they'd get executed? He would never be able to ask them, after all, now they were long gone.

And perhaps, one day his desire to repeat his parent's actions might be the end of him as well.

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