Childhood interrupted
Childhood interrupted attack on titan stories

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Mikasa's life changed forever after her parent's murder, but there is someone in her life who will never abandon her.

Childhood interrupted

Mikasa was just a child, yet even at such a young age, she had been forced to endure unbelievable loss.

Her parents were dead, and all because a handful of cruel human traffickers had wanted to make a profit off her.

If it wasn't for Eren, she would be a slave now, far from her home.

The first days living in Eren's house with his family had not been easy. She was withdrawn and silent, barely looking at anyone in the eye.

She just remained in a corner, ever silent, holding back her tears.

When her adoptive brother wrapped his red scarf around her neck, little by little she began opening up once more, though she never returned to her child-like personality.

Mikasa had been forced to grow all at once, and there was no going back from it.

"I'll always take care of you" He had promised, and it had been the first time she had been able to smile since that fateful day.

"You will?"

"Always, silly. That's what brothers are there for" He replied and took her hand tightly "Come, let's go out and play with Armin, he's waiting outside for us"

Mikasa hesitated for an instant, but finally nodded, standing up and following behind Eren, feeling safe by his side, feeling like perhaps, just perhaps,

happiness had not forever disappeared from her young life.

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