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My personal take on Rick and Kate nicknaming their relationship. They are just too cute for words!


"This is insane... after all this time, finally giving us a chance" Kate muttered, laying in Rick's arms, and rolling her eyes at herself. She truly was insane.

Did she think that their relationship could last? She wasn't sure but denying her emotions wasn't an option any longer.

She loved Richard; she loved their banter and his childishness and his brightness. She loved everything about him even if he did annoy her to bits.

If this didn't work, well, at least she gave it a try. At least she took a chance, making herself truly emotionally available for the first real time after her mother's death.

Yes, she had dated other men, even gone steady with them, but this felt real in an entirely different way.

"Not so insane, Kate" He replied with a little smirk. "After all, in a book, readers would have expected us to get together years ago!"

"This isn't a book, Rick."

"So you keep saying" He chuckled lightly, pulling her closer onto his body and kissing her hotly. This was a dream; how could it not be? They were finally together, and he was elated.

"Well, now that we're an item, are we supposed to be like Brangelina?"

"Oh, no. No way. We're far hotter than them. We're Rickate. No, that sucks. Oh, Caskett."

"It fits the whole murder-mystery vibe, doesn't it?" He chuckled, and before she could protest, kissed her again, tightening his embrace around her gorgeous body.

"Enough talking, for now, Kate... there will be plenty of time to bicker and banter later! Now we're off to take a shower."

With Kate unable to keep herself from chuckling, she felt Rick slide off the bed, carrying her bridal style into the bathroom, wiggling her legs around in a mix of amusement and annoyance.

"Let me down!" She protested, but there was really no real insistence in her opposition.

"Not for the world."

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