Building sandcastles
Building sandcastles steven universe stories

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Steven is adamant on the gems building an incredible sandcastle!

Building sandcastles

It had, of course, been Steven's idea. He and Connie were building sandcastles, and he wanted the rest of the Gems to build their own as well.

But it was so hard to get them all to drop their chores and have fun in the sand!

"Pearl!" Steven squealed, and she turned as she was cleaning the kitchen.

His smile was contagious, but she knew right away; he was going to try and distract her from her duties.

"I'm kind of busy right now, Steven, and you should be training, shouldn't you?"

"Please, please, you need to come and play with us! We're building sandcastles!"

"I told you, it's a busy day and we are all ---"

"Come on, Pearl, help me convince everyone to come and play! Just an hour and then me and Connie will train!"

"You promise?"

"Yes! I promise!" He replied excitedly, and Pear couldn't help but smile warmly at Rose's son.

"Fine, fine, let's go then. I'll try to convince the rest to help you build your castle."

"Our castle! It'll be all of our castle and we'll live in it forever."

Pearl chuckled and nodded. He was so generous, just like his mom used to be.

"Fine, let's go convince everyone to help build our amazing castle!"

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