Bonding over grief
Bonding over grief mass effect stories

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Miranda and Liara talk after Shepard's death, just as Project Lazarus begins.

Bonding over grief

Miranda was surprised when the young Asari woman asked to speak to her, months after Commander Shepard's death.

Still, they served worked alongside the same commander for some time, and she supposed it wouldn't hurt to agree to meet.

"I want to see him." Liara announced, shortly after walking into Miranda's office. "Him? There is nothing left of him, Liara."

But Liara knew of the project, the reason why the Cerberus had retrieved Shepard's body. Why they kept him around.

"If there's nothing left, why don't you dispose of his body? I know about project Lazarus. I know you plan to bring him back."

"We are going to try to, yes," Miranda reluctantly admitted, "It won't be easy."

"If there is any chance to bring him back to---" She paused, having come dangerously close to saying me.

She inhaled deeply and exhaled softly, before continuing "... to US, to work this miracle, you need to do it. Do everything in your power to ensure he's the man he always was"

Miranda remained silent for a moment, feeling the Asari's pain even from across the table.

"He'll be reconstructed" She finally replied. "But I won't let you see him now. His body is... broken. Decimated, a corpse. It's not worth it; trust me."

"You will see him again when we bring him back."

"I don't trust the Cerberus, but I know you had a connection with him. That you care for him. So I do trust you, Miranda."

"If you promise me he'll come back, he'll be who he always was; I'll believe you" Liara pleaded, taking Miranda's hands in hers, her blue eyes filled with sorrow.

"I promise" Shallow emotions did not usually move Miranda, but even she felt the pain Liara was experiencing. "You have my word."

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