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Living in the Vault 53 isn't dangerous or painful: It's just really, really annoying!


How could they know that every single piece of equipment in their vault was supposed to break down every few months? Who could be so petty as to actively plan for anything of the sort to happen?

The truth was, inhabitants merely thought the government was inept and that overseers and mechanics never did the job right:

They were perceived to be buffoons who tinkered on machines and called it a day to go take a nap.

This vault was filled with people continually arguing or annoyed at each other. A wife would be sure her husband actively didn't do a good job repairing stuff around the house to irk her.

A child would cry because she couldn't watch tapes, and her father would, in turn, go scream at a neighbor.

Everyone was perpetually irritated, and the bad mood was easily contagious.

It was so usual to see people around frowning that actually noticing someone smile was so rare dwellers took it as a form of entertainment.

Some even faked smiles to get attention or as a way to pass the day!

"Why are you in a good mood?" Someone would ask, eying the smiling person suspiciously, and a small crowd usually gathered straight away.

In vault 53, watching someone grinning or laughing was really like going to the movies!

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