Saved my life Tommy & Kimberly
Saved my life
Tommy & Kimberly  power rangers stories
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Kimberly's recovering from her injuries after a vicious battle, but Tommy is always there for her, to help her get better sooner rather than later!

Saved my life Tommy & Kimberly

Kimberly's wounds were taking longer to heal than she expected.

Thank heavens her friends and a communication from Zoltan pretending to be one of her teachers had convinced her mother that she was actually at a math tournament away from home to excuse her absence!

She had endured a nasty blow during the latest invasion of Lord Zedd and Rita's armies, and she had been rescued by her fellow Power Rangers,

afraid for her life due to her armor being destroyed in the attack. It would be fixed, but in the meantime, she had to deal with a sprained ankle and a nasty cut on her abdomen.

Laying in bed all day long was mind-numbingly dull, especially for a girl so used to running around all day long!

She was usually so busy, being a member of Angel Grove High's cheerleading squad, with her martial arts practice and her side job of literally saving the world!

She was working on her homework when Tommy entered the infirmary big a big bouquet of roses.

"Oh, Tommy, you shouldn't have!" She squealed in delight, stretching her arms to grab the flowers and smelling them merrily.

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't spoil you, Kim?" He asked with a playful grin, leaning in to kiss her and sitting by her side on the bed. "So, how are you feeling?"

"Better! Alpha 5 told me I'll be able to get back on my feet in a few days" She replied as upbeat as she could, though Kimberly could not help but sigh. "I'm so sorry I got you all so worried!"

"I'm just glad you're alright, Kim!" He protested, resting a protective hand on her shoulder.

"Tell you what, when you get better, I'm taking you out to the movies, what do you say? A proper date, just the two of us?"

"That sounds perfect" Kim grinned brightly, feeling better already "If we don't get any emergency calls during the movie, that is!"

She added giggling, making Tommy chuckle lightly as he smiled in relief to see Kimberly was in good enough health to be kidding around already.

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