All grown up
All grown up star vs the forces of evil stories

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Star and Marco are all grown up now. A sweet family scene.

All grown up

Marco smiled at his wife and his little daughter as they enjoyed a quiet morning in the castle.

So much had changed since they were kids growing up together. Star and himself had gotten married and became King and Queen.

He had become King! It was incredible to think he had come all this way when he had once been considered the 'safe kid'!.

Now, Star and Marco divided their time between Mewni and earth, having come to the agreement that they didn't want to abandon any of the two for good.

They still had responsibilities and friends in both dimensions, and it was only fair that they should dedicate enough time to both of them.

Their daughter, Rainbow, was growing up to be a perfect mix between her parents, adventurous and kind, but also hard-headed and oh so sweet. Marco was so proud of both him and his wife.

"Daddy, daddy, I want to go play with uncle Tom today!" Rainbow squealed, rushing to his father's side and giving him a pleading look.

"You do?" He asked, chuckling, and bringing his daughter into his arms, hugging her tenderly. "Fine, why not? We can leave mommy to tend to the throne and go have fun with uncle Tom!"

Star chuckled, rolling her eyes.

"So I don't get to come?" She asked, pretending to be annoyed.

"Of course mommy gets to come!" Rainbow squealed, giggling at her father's silliness.

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