A space traveller's recording
A space traveller's recording sci-fi stories

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*Incoming communication. Press play to hear Aaron Russan's recording*

A space traveller's recording

It's been a month since I last send you any form of communication. I'm sorry it's been so long.

Things have been rather hectic up here, and the communication devices that were promised when I first accepted to engage in this journey are archaic, to say the least.

I have been forced to limit my calls to the base control, in cases of emergency. And I wish I could say there haven't been any to speak of.

The systems are now back to normal, and they assure me outside calls will no longer be a risk. I should be speaking to you and the kids soon, and you can scold me for as long as you want.

I imagine how worried you must have been. Bet you were calling Lieutenant Evans every single day!. His ears must be chewed to pieces by now.

It's not his fault, Lucy, he's really doing the best he can.

I can barely see earth any longer. It's a small star now: I only know it's our home because of the navigation charts.

I'm getting closer to Mars every single day. I can see it already, just like I could see Earth weeks ago.

It's beautiful. You'd love it.

I know you used to think that I didn't always listen to you, Luce, that I was lost in my dreams, staring up into the sky, but I want you to know that's not the case. I always listened.

That's why I know you'd love this view. Your favorite color is red, like that gorgeous dress you wore on our second date.

Red, just like Mars. It's gorgeous... God, I wish you could be here to enjoy this view with me.

I didn't imagine I would feel so lonely up here. I thought I was stronger.

Don't tell my friends I said that, they'll mock me endlessly if you do.

I'll talk to you soon. Tell me how the kids are doing. Tell them daddy is alright.

*End of communication*

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