A normal morning at the Loud House
A normal morning  at the Loud House loud house stories
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Just another typical morning in the Loud household, even if Lynn Sr. is sure it's completely atypical.

A normal morning at the Loud House

The children needed to get to school right away! Thanks to one of Lisa's experiments, all the electronic devices in the house had failed through the night, and no one's alarm had worked at all!

It had been Lynn who woke up lazily that morning, ready to make breakfast for all his family, when he noticed, much to his surprise,

the sun was much higher in the horizon than it was when he awakened every day.

"Up, everybody up!" He screamed, jumping off the bed and beginning to run frantically through the corridor, walking his son and daughters up with his hurried screams.

"It's late; we got to get you all to school fast!"

The house was usually a mess, of course, with that many children running around, but over those next few minutes, it seemed like a hurricane had blown straight through it.

Lori barked orders around Leni tried to while still decide which half-dressed shade of pink herself; better fitted this mess of a day;

Luna was more focused on choosing what instrument she'd be taking to school than getting ready!

And then Lincoln, who had jumped into his clothes in record time, was forced to wait downstairs while his father tried to scramble a breakfast together,

and his mother followed Lynn and Lucy around who were protesting she had handed them the wrong clothes!

Lucy made a point of this by showing the outfit she was holding was a pair of red shorts and a sports t-shirt and not her usual black dress!

Breakfast was devoured, not because it was delicious -their father's food so rarely was- but because Rita was freaking out about getting late to work if they took any longer.

Lisa was the only one ignoring breakfast, instead trying to decipher what had gone wrong with his electronics experiment.

Lana and Lola looked rather half-asleep yet, though they had both managed to get out of their pajamas somehow and into their regular clothes.

Finally, though, without any minutes to spare, the Loud children rushed out the front door, just as the bus rode by to take them to school!

Lynn sighed in relief, silently praising himself for making such a fantastic breakfast with such haste! He could become a chef one day if he found the time!.

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