A night at the bar

A night at the bar kate stories
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Kate and Rick share a night out, and he shows off his profiling skills, much to Kate's annoyance.

A night at the bar

"You can't possibly really believe that writing your books truly gives you the ability of profiling people"

Kate rolled her eyes as they sat at a bar after a particularly long shift, needing a few minutes to unwind.

Castle had, however, decided to tag along as he always did.

"I profiled you when we met, don't you remember?" He asked, drinking back his whiskey and motioning for the bartender to serve him another round. "What do you want, Beckett?"

"Still drinking my beer." She swirled her beer around and shrugged, "Yes, you have some skill. But you boast about it as if you were an FBI profiler yourself!"

"I'm telling you, I'm that good"

Kate rolled her eyes once more and huffed, taking a sip from her drink.

"Try me, then."

Kate looked around the bar and settled for a couple a few tables away. They were a cute couple in their 20s, speaking intimately, and nursing their drinks.

"Those two. What's your take on them?"

Rick turned and stared for a few moments before nodding and grinning.

"She's about to break up with him."

"No way! Look how cozy they are"

"Yes, she's close, but look at her feet. They're facing away from him. And she hasn't even tried her drink; it's full. She's gathering the courage but doesn't want to be drunk when she does it"

"Bullshit" "Let's wait and see, shall we?"

Ten minutes passed by, then twenty. They entertained themselves talking about other issues but kept their eye on the couple, who still seemed rather comfortable on their seats.

The girl did seem slightly tense, Kate had to admit, but there were so many reasons for that!

Around the 30 minute mark, when Kate was about to claim victory, it finally happened. Even across the room from them, both Kate and Rick could hear it loud and clear:

"What do you mean you're breaking out with me?!" The guy had been entirely blindsighted, and Kate sighed in defeat.

"Damned. I can't believe you were right" She muttered, rolling her eyes for the 10th time on the same night.

"I'm that good, Beckett, don't bet against the best" He winked flirtatiously at the beautiful policewoman.

Kate tried her best not to grin back. It would only encourage him!

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