A Loud House-Dexter's Lab crossover
A Loud House-Dexter's Lab crossover cross over stories

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Dexter's Lab and Loud House crossover at Lisa's kindergarden class.

A Loud House-Dexter's Lab crossover

"Class, I want you to give a warm hello to our new classmate. Everybody, this is Dexter!" Lisa's teacher welcomed the new student to her kindergarten classroom.

Up until then, Lisa had been the only kid with glasses in this class, but the new kid used ones as well. He had curly red hair and was dressed in a tiny, cute science scrubs.

Dexter walked straight to Lisa, ignoring most other children around them.

"Are you Lisa?"

Lisa adjusted her glasses and gave Dexter a little look before nodding. He was looking specifically for her, now that was curious.

"Yes, I am. We weren't introduced, how did you know my name?"

"I came here looking for her. Heard about your brilliance and your Ph.D. I have a Ph.D. as well."

"Congratulations," Lisa nodded in approval but refused to look too impressed. There had to be other child prodigies out there: it was a mathematical inevitability.

"Thank you. But I'm not here for praises. I want you to join me!" Dexter exclaimed and rubbed his hands as if thinking of great plans. "I want you to help me reconstruct my lab.

"My sister Didi keeps destroying it. If anyone knows how to keep their siblings out of their lab, it should be you!"

"I do have some experience, yes," Lisa replied proudly. "I have ten siblings, after all."

"Impressive that you are still able to continue inventing!" Dexter praised her and offered her his hand to shake "So will you help me?"

"Only if I can use your lab for my experiments as well."

"You have yourself a deal! Let's have a glass of milk to celebrate our partnership!"

"I'll have to ask my mom for permission to have a playdate at your house" He explained as they shared a glass of cold milk.

"Good. I'll ask my mom to bake us cookies. My mom bakes great cookies."

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