A little challenge!
A little challenge! challenge stories

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Horror stories are my favorite! And I'll love to play a little game with all my followers! Join the campfire, and let's see if I can give you goosebumps!

A little challenge!

Hi to all my followers! (And everyone else too! Gather 'round)

I'd like play a little game!

Challenge me to scare you!

Tell me what kind of: monster serial killer entity clown Karen creepy pasta or whatever else... scares you the most!

I'll select a few suggestions and write stories centered around that premise. I'll give a shoutout to the person who gave me the idea, too!

Let the games begin! Looking forward to scaring, campfire-style!

Artizi (Please do like, comment, and share! Let's make this a fun challenge. If it works well, I'll try new subjects later on!)

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