A cornered rat
A cornered rat skyrim stories

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Shavari attempts to murder the Dragonborn, but her plan will soon backfire.

A cornered rat

Shavari waited silently, hiding from view. Her research had let her know the Dragonborn was reaching Riften, and she had followed behind him for hours as he did his business around town.

Only when she noticed him leaving the city, did she rush back to her hiding place, cowering quietly, holding her dagger tightly and smirking at the idea of finally finishing a well-paid job.

It was only when the Dragonborn walked out through the Ratway that she jumped out of her hiding place,

screaming in anger as she attacked the damned man she had been waiting to murder for so long.

The prize on his head was high and she'd live like a queen for at least a year, coins filling her bag no matter what luxuries she decided to indulge in.

"Now you will pay for meddling in the Thalmor's affairs!"

She hissed, trying to slice him with her dagger, but no matter how violently or harshly she attacked him, the Dragonborn managed to stop her blows, exhausting her with each new failure.

"Die already!"

Shavari gasped as she felt the edge of his blade slicing her body instead, falling to the floor and dropping her dagger, grabbing at her wound. She was shocked at the turn of events.

She was meant to kill him, not the other way around, was the last thought that crossed her mind as she took her very last breath.

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