A concert in honor of Zootopia's heroes.

A concert in honor of Zootopia's heroes. gazelle stories

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Gazelle decides to offer a free concert to celebrate Zootopia going back to normal, and to honor the officers who made this happen.

A concert in honor of Zootopia's heroes.

Gazelle had been a big advocate for the rights of all citizens in Zootopia, whether they were predators or preys!

It did not matter to her, this was not the Zootopia she had grown up in, and she'd used her popularity to make sure people didn't forget their roots.

She was relieved when the real culprit was finally caught, relieved to finally see all animals come together as brothers and sisters once more.

So she decided to give a free concert to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Gazelle had made sure officers Judy and Nick as well as the rest of the force were there in the front row, and as she made her way out onto the stage, she could see them all there,cheering and dressed in civilian clothes.

"Zootopia! Before this show begins, I want us all to cheer for the true heroes of our city! To our brave police force and above all, Officer Hobbs and Officer Wilde!"

Her fans screamed and clapped as she prompted them to, and the grand screens by the side of the stage showed a smiling Judy and a smirking, slightly smug Nick.

Judy, though, felt him grabbing her hand just a bit tighter. He was nervous, but he would never admit it to the world! She knew, though, and it made her feel even closer to him.

The show started, music filling the place, reminding the citizens of Zootopia that though life was never as easy as black and white,

as long as they stayed together and fought for the same cause, they'd have a great future ahead.

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