Fry x Bender pt2
Fry x Bender pt2 futurama stories

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Fry x Bender pt2

Fry peacefully woke up to Bender’s cold arms around him. He opened his eyes and found Bender gazing at him. “‘Morning, meatbag,” Bender says, his mechanical mouth curving slightly upwards in a smile. “Hey,” Fry responds. He slips one of his arms over Bender’s back.

“We’re gonna have to go to work soon.” “Yeah, I know.” Fry sighs. “Should we tell the crew?” “I don’t know. Maybe Amy? She’s kinda like a sister to us.” “You wouldn’t tell Leela?” Bender asks.

“I... don’t know how she’d react.” Fry says hesitantly. “She likes you.” “What? Nooo. Whenever I told her I liked her, she would always sort of avoid talking about it.” “She wouldn’t support you?” “Oh, I’m sure she would. But

it’d hurt her.” “Hm.” Bender said. “Did you ever actually like her?” The question hung in the air as Fry thought about how to answer it. “I think...” Fry started, “I think I convinced myself that I liked her so that I’d forget about my feelings for you, because I

was sure you wouldn’t feel the same way.” He looks away from Bender, embarrassed. Bender hugs him tighter. After a few minutes, he says, “We should get going.”

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