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Opinion on texting


Texting has revolutionized communication skills by forcing people to be able to communicate through reading and writing. Instead of writing a letter, a faster, easier means is through text.

More and more people can express themselves through texting.

By having such a small device with every bit of knowledge at your disposal, we as a society have become more able communicate through the written English language by using a qwerty keyboard.

However, texting has its perks, but once the older and younger population get their new phones, and learn how to text, it can be addicting and cause anxiety that is more harm than good.

For example, they are notified that their text was read, and the receiver is typing a response. In my opinion, that is forcing me to send a careless response so we feel obligated to respond fast.

We can receive a text while driving, doing homework, at a restaurant, or even in the shower while the sender is waiting for a response. If we don’t respond, something is supposedly wrong.

Last, texting is turning into an Egyptian language. Instead of hieroglyphs, we have emojis and make use of abbreviations.

This has caused students to get used to abbreviating and using slang, so when it comes time to write a scholarly paper,

it is more difficult to write it and to put paragraphs together since we are used to writing 4 pages of each 160 characters.

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