I Was Scammed
I Was Scammed art stories
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artist92 Coffee Drinker and Art Lover
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Computer users get scammed quite a bit.

I Was Scammed

Click, type, click, click. Prompt flashes, and a loud noise interrupts music from being played.

The volume has been aggressively raised.

My eyes look away from the screen and then dart back, I see a pop up, “Congratulations you have just won a free vacation getaway. Click here for more information”.

My naïve mind actually believed it, and I clicked it.

There’s no turning back here, something has downloaded and screens are popping up from my antivirus software that say I have obtained a virus.

I try to close all my screens, hit the Wi-Fi button.

Thought that would do something.

My computer has been compromised.

I wonder, was it the MSN article I clicked earlier, was it something in my e-mail, or that online offer that gave me a good deal. Whatever it may be, I may never know.

I was scammed.

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