Chaos's Daughter
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What if the creator of the universe had a daughter? What will Layla do when she finds out? Follow Layla's journey through the Titan war to the Giant war!

By: Piper Mclove (Me!)

Chaos's Daughter

by Piper Mclove (Me!) Disclaimer: Rick Troll Riordan owns all the characters except the ones I made!

Let's Get Started!

Chapter 1 My legs were tiring. I was running from a Minotaur the second time this month. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is , actually i have no idea what my name is. I just named myself as Lyla , anyways I'm a demigod. I know crazy, right? Greek gods actually exist, I was 4 years old when I found out.

My mother got killed by a hellhound, so I ran away. I was later tracked down by one of my father's friends, they trained me .Now you maybe might be wondering, "Who is your father?". My father is Chaos, creator of the universe! But I can't tell anyone yet, if I do they'll be in danger. I left the palace because there was a battle. I landed in this place, called the R-red house.

I can't even think about it. I finally escaped a year later and am now trying to find my way to this camp. I overheard the adults talking about it. I think it was called Camp Blood- Half or something like that. "Oof", I said as my face collided with a tree branch. I got up, only to hear a terrifying roar.

"Gods, when is he gonna leave me alone?", I thought to myself. Wait, I have a sword! I mentally facepalm myself and start rubbing my bracelet. You might be thinking,"Stop rubbing your bracelet and get your sword", well my bracelet is my sword! Crazy, right? If I rub the charm on my bracelet it turns into a sword! Anyways, my charm turned into a black sword with tiny white stars on it.

I started running toward the Minotaur, another foot in front of the other . Then the weirdest thing happened ,it started running toward the road. "Where is it going?", I thought outloud, so I did what anybody would do. I followed it. It started chasing a red car that had a strong aura around it. "It has to be another demigod", I thought to myself. I needed to distracted the monster, but how?

As I looked back up, I saw the red car flip. "Nooooooo!", I screamed, I started running towards the car to only see people getting out of the car. I reached them and asked,"Are you guys ok?", one of the boys looked at me and I internally gasped. He had raven black hair and beautiful sea green eye,"Who are you?", he asked. "I'm just like you, a half-blood", I said, a woman with brown hair and warm brown eyes came

forward."Could you take Percy to Camp Half-Blood?", she asked, I nodded my head,"I'm going there anyways.", I said. "What camp? What's happening mom?", Percy asked, "Keep him-", Percy's mom was about to say before we heard the minotaur roar. She stared into my eyes,"Go, and keep Percy safe.", I looked at Percy and said "Let's' go Percy". I grabbed his hand and dragged him

to camp when he didn't move. "I can't leave my mom", he said, "but we have to go", I countered. "No! Plus, we forgot Grover.", Percy shouted, "Who the Hades is Grover?", I said. "He's my protector" he said while making a quoting sign with his hands. Wait, he has a stayar with him? "Ok, fine", I sighed , Percy ran back toward the red car and I was going to jog towards him when I felt

someone grab my hand. I turned around to see a little girl. She looked like she was about six years old, she had black hair and black eyes. "P-p-please help me", she quivered I looked back to see Percy helping someone out of the car. "You see that boy there", I said pointing at Percy,"Let's wait for him and then we can go". "Then I heard a raspy voice say"How about no" I looked around to see....

A Fury?!?! What does she want? " I want to kill you half-blood", sh- I mean it said. Opps, must have said that out loud! I took out my sword and started to attack and the fury had the same idea. I side stepped and cut her stomach and with that she screamed and turned into a pile of gold dust. I look around to see Percy about to kill the minotaur with a horn.

I ran toward him, just to see him collapse in exhaustion next to a stayer. That must be Grover. I picked them both up and dragged them to the camp entrance. Two kids, probably demigods, came running and asked if I wanted help. After that everything was a blur. They took me, Percy, and Grover to the infirmary. I closed my eyes, entering into the realm of Morpheus.

Look Forward for more!!!! BTW, the background for this is Layla's eye color! She has black with curls in the end and peach skin color. If you can't see the eye's clearly go to the next page.

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