To Be Named
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In this unholy city, Azeroth, there he was. Innocent, pure and without lust, hatred or greed. He will not remember this day. He won’t remember his father. He won’t remember the horror in the eyes of these forsaken outcasts. The only thing that would remain is the nightmare’s haunting him at night.

To Be Named

The night was dark. No... Darkness could not even describe it. It was something close to hell, so terrifying that the screams of the outlaws could mentally be heard from other cities.

Thief's, murderers, rapists, you name them. One would say that these filthy junks deserved this, but in all honesty? Nothing in this world should go through what they did.

Nothing can compare to it. There were flames everywhere. Dark green and purple flames bursting around every corner. It burnt everything in sight, the walls crumbled to dust.

Trees turned to smoke. Even the souls of the living screamed! An unbearable pain that lasts even after their deaths. Above the hellish flames, in mid-air, stood five Zircoff's.

The highest known rank of the hunters. The one highest turned his arm a little and more flames broke out down beneath him. His right arm contained rings.

Rings that floated around it, not touching his flesh. "Find him! Burn down everything if you have to!".

Elize stood there with tears in her eyes. "I can't lose you, please...". In here arms, a new-born baby rested. In this unholy city, Azeroth, there he was.

Innocent, pure and without lust, hatred or greed. He will not remember this day. He won't remember his father. He won't remember the horror in the eyes of these forsaken outcasts.

The only thing that would remain is the nightmare's haunting him at night. "Elize! You need to go now! Take Arthur and get out of here...". She could not understand.

What has he done to deserve this? Is fate always this cruel? Not even a month ago, they were happy, staring into the stars, planning their future.

Now her whole world was on fire, literally! Luther slowly walked to her, wiping her tears gently of her face. He can't cry now. He has to stay strong. For her, for Arthur... "Go...

Don't look behind you. I will always love you." Hesitant at first, she turned around, holding Arthur like a thief would hold onto a piece of gold, she ran. Luther though for a second.

'There should be another way, I don't want to be away from them. I still want to keep you into my arms...'. But he knew what needs to be done. Hardening he's heart, he turned around.

Clenching his fists.

Slowly Luther lifted his right arm. A tattoo of a dragon started appearing on his shoulder and a spider on his forearm. An addition to the tattoos, rings started to appear too.

Just like those on the Zircoff's. The first ring at the wrist. Pure white with patterns on it, the diameter not larger than a millimetre. The second on his forearm, this one was yellow.

A third at his elbow. A green one. Another one at his biceps. Pitch black. He walked the opposite direction of Elize. The first Zircoff was in sight.

Mid air he stood on something unseen by the naked eye, moving his hands to clear spots where there was still an open area, untouched by him. Then those spots burst into flames too.

He was at least 200 metres away. Mustering his strength, Luther jumped, pulling back his arm.

Not even a second later he started into the eyes of he's enemy, whispering to him "This is the end for you". Luther pulled his fist out of the Zircoff's stomach.

Confused the Zircoff looked down, seeing blood everywhere. He started falling and started cursing. His voice left him the moment he hit the ground. "Good. One down, four more to go."

The battle raged on for hours. The people that somehow survived this horrible monstrosity, could only stare at the sky, not able comprehend what's happening.

They have heard about it from new outlaws. People with powers that can't be explained. They thought they understood, but seeing this? It made them realize how small they were.

It was like Gods fighting and here they stood. Merely ants... The sky lit up with vibrant colours each time the Hunters clashed against each other. Sounds louder then bombs soar through the sky.

It got so loud, that those who did not cover their ears entirely, started bleeding. The only thing that they could comprehend, was that there were two men left.

The others already joined the dead. There was one large monstrous BANG in the sky before everything went silent. It was over. The last two people fell out of the sky.

The one vanished mid-air, the other fell into the river.

Darkness surrounded him. The cold clung to him. His senses started to fade away, slowly, but surely. The frightening part is that he enjoyed it. All the pain is disappearing.

No more fighting, no more deaths. His hands felt like they are being washed, getting rid of the blood that was stained for ages.

So, this is what death felt like? Just as Luther wanted to let it all go, she appeared again. This time not physically, but in his mind. "You can't give up now...

Arthur still needs you! Luther! Wake up!". He opened his eyes, seeing only a little ray of light breaking through the surface of the water.

Luther started swimming, what felt like ten minutes, he finally took a big breath of fresh air. "Fuck... I almost gave up...".

For the last 10 years that he lived in this place, it has never been this quiet. For the first time you can hear frogs croaking, the river splashing.

Hell, you can even hear the sound of silence! Sadly, most of the time, it means death. Fear started tucking at him.

Elize! He started aiming for the river bank as fast at his arms could paddle, painfully he realised he can only use one arm. It did not stop him. Nothing would stop him when it came to Elize.

After a lot of struggling, he pushed himself onto dry land. Taking a few breaths just to calm down. The stars were shining bright. This reminds him of a month ago.

When Elize gazed with him into the endless sky filled with stars. He rolled his head to right, just like that night, to stare into Elize's eyes.

His heart skipped a beat! There she was! Staring back at him! Pain took over. Something he never felt before... He reailised it was not Elize that gazed at him. It was a dead corpse... "No...

NO!... ELIZE!". With the arm that could still move, he drag his body to the lifeless corpse. "How can this be? They were fighting me! They were nowhere near her!". That is when had realised...

The first Zircoff. He never died! Gently with his hand, he strokes her beautiful face. Tears rolling down his own face. Pushing himself upward to see if Arthur was there. He wished he hadn't...

He wanted to scream, but no sound came. Laying there on the ground, was not Arthur. It was a headless body and where the heart should have been is only a hole...

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