To Be Named - Chapter 1
To Be Named - Chapter 1 fantasy stories

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The door slammed open! “What are you two whispering about?”. Josh and Kevin stood there with grins on their faces. Arthur let out a quick yelp. Lukas held his fist up “Would you two knock it off? You almost gave me a heart attack!”. The twins started laughing and closed the door behind them. Josh gave Kevin a high five. “You should have seen your faces! Almost like you saw a ghost!”.

To Be Named - Chapter 1

In this world, there are three things that determines one's value. The first is what you call a Soul Arc. A weapon or a Soul tool. Both holds equal value.

Every person on this planet is born with one. Although they are incredibly powerful, each person's Soul Arc is based on tiers. Thus, you get powerful Arc masters and weak Arc holders.

Sadly, this world itself is not equal. The tier of one's Soul Arc is determined by blood. The nobles and lords are normally born with strong Soul Arcs. It can take many forms.

A sword, a hammer, an enchantment writing pen. They are all similar, but not one the same. The second thing that determines one's rank, is your attribute. There are five in total.

Fire is strong in attack and can do a lot of damage. Fire attributed users are normally the damage dealers in a team. Water can go both ways.

It can deal damage, but it can also be used for defence and healing. The majority of water attributed users are the support of the team.

Earth attribute are heavily fortified users with little attack. They are normally in the frontlines. Wind users are superior in speed and are used to take out support. Lastly light.

It is rare to find a light user. Only nobles and lords and royal bloods have light users in their clan.

The reason why it is difficult to find light users, is for the fact that they are over powered. Light users are faster, stronger and better in all ways.

Lastly, the thing that holds more value than your Soul Arc and your attribute. Your rank as a hunter. Everyone is born as a rank zero hunter.

There are ten ranks, with each rank containing ten levels. The highest rank is called Zircoff.

With each rank you climb, your power as an individual increase, thus this is the only way to break out of poverty, to be freed from slavery, to get rich, powerful, you name it.


It is dark. People are screaming, their cries just getting louder as the seconds pass. It is almost as if he could smell their fear! Arthur woke up with sweat all over his face.

"Another one of these nightmares...". He gazed through the window. the sun's light was beaming through. It was early in the morning and he can hear the other kids working, ploughing the fields.

Today is his 16th birthday, yet it does not matter. Lukas, one of the kids sharing a room with him, was still sleeping. "Oi! Lukas! Wake up.

We need to start, master's coming back tomorrow and you know what happens if our jobs aren't finished.". Not even 5 seconds passed and there Lukas stood at the door.

"Fuck, I'm still behind! Hey, I will give you half of my bread tonight if you help me out Arthur.". He was always like that. Bribing Arthur to help him, but he was more like a brother to Arthur.

"You mean you still haven't finished cleaning the pigpen?! That should've been done yesterday.". Lukas just stared at him for a few seconds. "Are you going to help me or not?".

The pigpen was quite large, there were at least 40 pigs residing there. "You have barely done anything! Man Lukas, what you've been doing all this time?!". Lukas had a grin on his face.

He held out his palm to Arthur. Slowly something started to materialize above his hand. It was a mask. A clown mask! With sparkles in his eyes Lukas just replied. "I've been training.

I'm going to get out of this place Arthur! I'm gonna start my own life, somewhere far away from here! I'm gonna join the hunters!".

Arthur stared, amazed! He saw Soul Arc's before, but this is the first time he's been so close to one. Even better, it is from someone he knows! "How? when? I want to see what mine is too!".

Lukas closed his palm again, the mask disappeared too. He walked to Arthur and whispered: "Listen, no one is allowed to know about it.

If master finds out, I will directly be sold as a slave to another lord. If we are going to get away from here, we need to do it quietly". Arthur just nodded.

Lukas went to the corner and grabbed a shove, passed it to Arthur. "Let's get to work". They cleaned up all the pig shit, refilled the food buckets and washed the pigs.

"Fucking nobles caring more for the pigs then his slaves. Wish I can just smack all this shit into his face!". Lukas broke out with laughter! "That is something I'll do before we go.".

Arthur just grinned back.

Night finally came. The pigpen was clean and all the other jobs were done too. Lukas and Arthur were sitting in their room, waiting for Emily, Josh and Kevin to return.

The room was made out of wooden planks. There was no floor, it was just ground. There beds were basically just hay. Room 13. There were 64 kids altogether, sharing rooms of five.

Arthur whispered to Lukas "Tell me. How did you get your soul arc?". Lukas put his index finger in front of his lips. "Shhh...".

He then stood up, walked to the window, stuck his head out and look to see if there was anyone there. He sat down next Arthur and whispered to him again.

"You're Soul Arc already exists inside you, it only manifests when you are 17. At first its form materialises inside your head, then you have to train to manifest it in real life.".

The door slammed open! "What are you two whispering about?". Josh and Kevin stood there with grins on their faces. Arthur let out a quick yelp.

Lukas held his fist up "Would you two knock it off? You almost gave me a heart attack!". The twins started laughing and closed the door behind them. Josh gave Kevin a high five.

"You should have seen your faces! Almost like you saw a ghost!". The twins never separated. You will always see the grins on their faces together. The went and sat down next to Lukas.

Josh took out two stones. Both were dark. When he smashed them together, sparks flew out. Arthur just stared, astonished. "That is so interesting! What do you even use it for?".

The twins laughed. "To start a fire dumbass". This is the first time Arthur saw how to make fire without using your attribute. None of them could use it of course. Only the watchers could.

It was summer, so Arthur could not really understand what they need the stones for. Lukas smiled. "Good work both of you, hide it. And Arthur, don't tell anyone of it, ok?".

Arthur just nodded his head. The sun was down and the last piece of light faded away. Emily was still not back yet. Arthur whispered to the twins. "You guys have your Soul Arc's yet?".

Both of them looked down. Josh replied. "No, were only turning 17 in a few months.". Silence fell onto the room. Then the watcher opened the door and threw a bag inside. "Eat up pigs.".

They gathered around the bag, each taking their own portions. Kevin wanted to take a bit out of bread, but before it even touched his lips, Lukas stopped him. "Not all of us are here.".

Kevin just sat there. Staring. She always came this late at night. At least 20 minutes passed before the door opened up again. Emily sneaked in.

"Hey guys, I brough some extra food!" she whispered. You could see the happiness sparkling in Kevin's eyes. "More food?! Where did you get it?".

Emily was the youngest, but probably the smartest out of all of them. She was only 15.

"You know the windmill at the far back of the farm? Turns out they are storing some food there, so I grabbed some of it". She winked at Arthur.

Like a family they all sat together and ate their meal. Bread and cooked potatoes.

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