Adrian and Carter do a game show called "Total Drama"
Adrian and Carter do a game show called "Total Drama" arh! stories
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arthur_itis01 this is crack
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Adrian and Carter from Always Raining Here sign up for a game show called Total Drama. Requested, as a joke, from a mutual on twitter. DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY

Adrian and Carter do a game show called "Total Drama"

Adrian was having a shit day. He woke up after falling off of his bed and had a headache all day.

Carter and Maria were both sick, so he couldn’t hang out with them during the first days of summer, and his AC decided to be a fuckfart and stop working.

Adrian was on the verge of tears as he sat in his backyard with a kiddie pool filled with cold water. It was unbelievably humid, so it was Sweat Time™.

The back door opened, and Adrian lifted his sunglasses to see who was coming to speak to him. The mood he was presenting himself with was one that screamed, “Don’t fucking talk to me, I’m pissed.

“Adrian!” Carter yelled, slamming the doors. First, Adrian grimaced as the door slammed. Secondly, why was Carter here? He was sick, and Adrian didn’t want to get sick.

“Please don’t tell me you came out here while you’re sick.” Adrian worried, slowly getting out of the pool.

Carter shook his head, “No. I entered us into a randomly chosen competition, and we got it!”

Adrian was very confused, “Uh, competition?”

Carter smacked himself, “Gameshow, my bad. It’s called Total Drama, or something. My sister’s obsessed with it for some reason.” He held up the invites and waved them in Adrian’s face.

Adrian stood there, dumbfounded, “You got us into Total FUCKING DRAMA?!” A not well-known fact about Adrian was that he loved the show more than anything, besides Carter.

He loved Carter a billion times more now.

Carter nodded, fueling his own ego, “Yeah, I did. Aren’t I such a considerate and amazing boyfriend?”

Adrian pulled him into a tight hug (a hug which almost killed Carter) and kissed him with the force of many lions, “Oh my god, I love you so much!”

Carter smiled like a fucking idiot, “Aw, he said it.”

Adrian ripped the invites from Carter’s hand, “Where the hell is this?” The invite said something along the lines of, “You’ll be staying at a five-star resort during the duration of this show.”

“I looked up where they said the ‘resort’ would be, and it’s just some shitty summer camp called Camp Wawanakwa. Also, I might have forged your signature for legal reasons.

” Carter laughed awkwardly.

The amounts of fucks Adrian gave about Carter essentially stealing his identity to sign him up for Total Drama was at an all-time low.

Adrian grabbed Carter’s wrist, and pulled him into his house, claiming, “We have to get ready for this.”


Adrian was buzzing as they sat on the yacht that brought them to Camp Wawanakwa. He held tightly onto Carter’s arm as they slowly made their way towards the camp.

It was extremely adorable, in Carter’s opinion, but everything about Adrian was adorable, so this didn’t count.

“Gosh, I’m so fucking excited!” Adrian yelled.

Carter smiled at him, “Yeah, me too. We’ll get to spend the next eight weeks in the same cabin, worrying about nothing other than completing every challenge.”

Adrian stared at him, “And the $100k.”

Carter nodded, “Well, that too.”

The boat approached a doc, where the host of the show, Chris McLean, stood. He was announcing them to the camera crew, and Adrian quickly composed himself. He was going to act normally this time.

“Ooh, looks like our first victims are here. Introducing Carter Brooks and Adrian…” Chris thought with the strength of Einstein, but could not remember Adrian’s last name.

He’d have to look it up.

“Just call me Adrian,” Adrian said, grabbing his duffle bag and Carter’s arm. So maybe Adrian was a bit scared of what was to come. He had the right to be, dammit!

Carter leaned towards Adrian, “Dude, this place looked better on google maps.”

Adrian looked at the campgrounds and frowned. It was really disgusting. Over the next few weeks, Adrian would have to fix it.

It shouldn’t be too hard with all this extra time he found himself having.

“Oh, and here comes another one! Gwen!” Chris yelled.

Carter rolled his eyes, “How much you want to bet that everyone gets a crush on her?”

Adrian laughed, “Ten bucks, doofus. There's no way I will, but I'm unsure about you."

Carter gasped, and took Adrian’s hands, “I’d rather die!”

Adrian snorted, and pushed him away, “Okay, okay. We’re on camera, remember.”

They looked back and noticed that more people have come, and one was on their way. Carter was glad that they got there first because everyone was filling in awkwardly.

Carter smirked as he saw some kid trying to flirt with Gwen. Really, that was the only person Carter knew, so he was rooting for her to do something interesting.

“Excuse me.” Adrian and Carter looked up from the cozy side of the dock they were sitting in.

“Yeah?” Carter asked, fighting the urge to wrap a protective arm around Adrian.

He could sense, like Spiderman, that Adrian was feeling extremely awkward, but he couldn’t show affection in front of live TV.

“Could I, like, sit here? I don’t know anyone, and you guys look the nicest.” The guy asked.

Adrian nodded, desperate to make a friend, “Of course. This is Carter, and I’m Adrian.”

The guy slightly smiled, “Noah.”

They watched as some girl named Heather arrived. Carter scoffed when she first spoke. With his excellent experience in high school, he knew how to recognize the cliche “Popular Girl”.

“So, see anyone you like?” Noah asked Carter. This gave Carter an idea. He shrugged, and looked at Adrian, “Only this pretty boy here.”

Adrian smacked Carter with God's holy might, “Shut up.”

Noah laughed, “I take it your good friends?”

Adrian nodded, “Yeah, he made me sign up for this.” Adrian lied.

“You said you loved the show! I wanted to surprise you.” Carter explained.

Adrian smiled fondly at him, “I know, babe. I was just joking.”

“Well, now you have been introduced to the contestants on this year’s season of Total Drama! Everyone let’s get a dock pic!” Chris yelled.

Adrian stood up, and dragged Carter to where the group was, and smiled. Unfortunately, the dock gave way and down plummeted Adrian, Carter, and the rest of the gang.

What a great start to the new season.

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