Why do they fight? By @art3miss
Why do they fight?
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Why do they fight? By @art3miss

Dad says I shouldn't have to here downpour...

Dad says I shouldn't have to here the downpour.... So i sit in my room sit on my bed And ACT like I'm not listening. THEY STILL WHISPER !

About What?

I go to sit on the steps outside. About me? About my brother Sanders?

Do they still not know that he sneaks out at night ? πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸŒ™

Dad comes outside and sits next to me. "Are you and mom splitting up?" I stare at the street. " No" He laughs . "No we're not calling it quits she just has to go on a business trip." " That's what you guys were arguing about? " I ask.

I can see mom looking at dad threw the kitchen windows. "Aria , that's not for you to know..." " than what is? " He doesn't respond.

"Where's Sanders?" He asks instead. " Klaumont park" I respond. "Why don't you go join him?" He asks patting me on the back. " what if I go to klaumont park then sleepover jessi's house? " I can't stay in the house.

"Alright " dad says. * ** * ** ** * I grab my bike from the backyard my bag isn't that heavy so I just leave it strapped around my arm. "Bye mom!" She hugs me. " Aria, sweetie I want you to know me and your dad are doing just fine! " she smiles and let's me go.

"✌ That's what they all say! ✌" I yell As soon as I petal up to the park I see my brother he waves me over. "Hey, " he greets. "I've got bad news.." I say. "Well unfortunately for you I don't wanna here it✌" He says picking up his basketball πŸ€

"where are you going anyway? " he asks as I start to walk away. "Jessi's house." "Ah! Yes! The house is mine!" "πŸ˜‚ what are you talking about mom is leaving not both of them"

"Yeah we'll see about that- did you see that free throw?" I get on my bike and petal away with answering.

Jessi's house isn't far. I texting her and told her I was on my way so she was waiting for me outside. "Hi , Aria " she says looking up from her phone. I put my bike in there garage "hey" I respond She opens the door for me. " Hi , Aria" her mom yells from the kitchen. " "Hi , Ms. Doamir"

"What are you watching?" " this really funny comedy. It's not for kids though" "Cool 😎 " "How are your parents?" She puts down her popcorn. " I think they're splitting up ☝"

"Oh , that's awful" "Yeah....it is"

I'm sure this was pretty boring so thank you for reading πŸ“š

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