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by aroobasohrab

Winter is here!

The time of the year when cool breeze brushes my face...

When I leave for college in the morning..

The time when fog is hiding the secrets of the nature..

The time when we are hiding our scars under our sweaters..

The time when we are hiding from this world..

Under the blankets...

The time when the sky is dark..

The time when the sun is hiding behind the clouds..

The time when the ground is white..

The time when Everything seems peaceful...

The time when the memories of serenity dwindle in my mind..

But there is no one around..

Just me and my coffee cup all alone..

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aroobasohrabCommunity member
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10 months agoReply
Hmm but here winter is approaching after the cruelity of summer 😂 Thank God

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
This was such a mellow and beautiful poem. The temperature here today was 95 but it is going to cool down to 92 tomorrow. Thank god it isn't in the triple digits. Something I love about commaful is that we are from all over the world. For some of our people in Argentina and Australia it is spring moving toward summer. Great work!!!!