Tall, Dark and Handsome. But with a twist.

Tall, Dark and Handsome.

But with a twist. lgbtq stories

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Watch my downfall of unrequited, forbidden attraction.

Tall, Dark and Handsome. But with a twist.

Such a silly, cliche statement that has been over-played for centuries. Some say that repeating a word or phrase too often will cause it to lose its value but, sweetheart, you are anything but a meaningless sound on repetition.

We all have our “types”... mine? They were unusual and definitely not my go-to. Someone I would never picture myself with... but also someone who gave me butterflies, on the low of course. They could never know my secret attraction. I wish I could muster up enough courage to tell them. I never can when given the opportunity.

I’m locked inside a metaphorical, lonely cage. It’s keeping me from voicing my true feelings. I constantly catch myself looking at you through these bars, submersed in complete awe. You’re holding the key to my containment in your palm. The same palm I long to hold for eternity. If only I could tell you what power you hold in your grasp. Would you let my soul free?

Maybe it’s safer in here. These walls quietly haunt me. They remind me that I’m far from your arms.

You had me when I was sitting across from you, watching you uncontrollably laugh. You were covering your rosey cheeks behind your shirt. I started banging on my cage. Please let me out! I want to spend forever listening to that high-pitched giggle. A squeak, If you must.

They like to say things like “my wifey” and that they’re going to marry me. They called me beautiful when I needed it most. They said they loved me... when my whole life I’ve felt so unworthy of love. They have a unique personality. They have interests that match mine spot on.

They are tall, dark and amazingly attractive. They stand a head taller than me. They have golden, sun-kissed skin. They are beautiful and quirky. They are lovely and thoughtful and they MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY! My cage is shaking just thinking about your face. Why can’t I reach out and touch you?

How does one describe what they are feeling when so many emotions are circling around their head? Am I really scrambling my heart inside of my empty chest like it’s an egg? Is this what a heart attack feels like? I don’t care! Baby, I’m ready for you to revive me and constantly cheat death with you.

Unfortunately, they also say things like “I need a man”. They have a preference on social media that states “interested in: men.” They is female. She is a beautiful and strong woman. This is the only thing that quiets my imprisonment.

Rather or not we share the same gender, she is what keeps me up at night. Thinking of our short, beautiful moments. Moments that mean so much to me, but possibly so little to her.

As I pour my heart into these words from this lonely cage I hope sleep is dusting over her stunning brown eyes. I hope she is dreaming of places that I will never get the chance to take her. Places where she is in *his* arms. While she’s hugging *his* flat chest as they drift off into the nothing-ness that I wish was us.

While you’re far away from my captivity, I will stay here in complete isolation and think of more stupid cliches that remind me of your smile and how I wish I was doing nothing with you right now. Instead, I’m falling in love with the impossibility of us.

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