Hale Aral's Speech.
Hale Aral's Speech. politics stories

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Alternative timeline where the corporate world started abusing Earth's crust after exhausting it's surface.

Hale Aral's Speech.

"I would like to thank everyone who helped me get these few minutes. I, we, are here to talk about a matter that involves the safety of our planet and its stability.

Since the EPO's bankruptcy and its failed attempts to minimize the abuse of power over the Earth, I and many of my colleagues,

sons and daughters of who once struggled to protect the Earth from the abusive so called energy and minerals mega-corporations.

We, came a long way. And yet we have never understood the gravity of this dire situation. These.. Companies! Exhausted the crust in a matter of 20 years.

I grew up watching my father, rest in peace, fight, getting neglected, him and everyone who represented the EPO, and alas.. He miserably failed to change the mind of the masses..

Who were already bought by those mega-corporations..

And yet! After giving the green light to such a devastating.. Complete annihilation of the Earth's soft skin.. They are starting to invest in new, heat resistant equipment..

You all know what I am hinting about. The men behind such acts think with the penny, and a penny can be doubled, and so on..

I have no guts against successful men and businesses, I support a good cause for humanity. And when the Earth's flesh is starting to get sucked out, solidified, industrialized, and again..

Sold! And what do they demand? More! A collective set of people.. exuctives, CEOs, persistent workers with no regard for safety and the well-being of the next generations to come.

And what will follow is the same abuse that we, as a species, are inflicting upon our only home, our only sanctuary.

If these mindless money worshippers don't stop the abuse of power over Earth, they will leave no chance of survival in this ill planet in the coming times, our next generation. Thank you"

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