O Moon
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arndight Community member
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Just something that I wrote when i walk down the bustling street of the city

O Moon

O moon that hide itself in a tiny blanket

O stars that are too shy to show itself in front of all the city's racket

The sound of the vehicles that never ends, come to a halt

My heart bled for the first time, and i can't even see how deep was the cut

She fade away deep into the crowd, and disappear just like that

I knew it, My feelings for her is an unrequited one, I'm the only one who has been pulling the cart

I knew it, i knew that i don't have any chance, i knew it from the start

We live in a completely different world, yet I always have this hope deep inside my heart,

that one day you'll open your heart for me, someone who don't have any guts

And I want to tell you something, forgive me for entering your life, i'm sorry

And one day, by any chance, when you read this, please remember me, please grant me a place in one of your story

Well then, I'll be going, carrying with me all the feelings that you don't have to worry

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