Tranquil (Writing Inktober - Day 2)
(Writing Inktober - Day 2) tranquil stories

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I'm finally doing Inktober this year on my art blog. I decided to accompany my inking with some of my writing every now and then. I can't promise that entries will be consistent, but here's Tranquil for Day 2.

Tranquil (Writing Inktober - Day 2)

Break lights glare ahead. There's never any traffic on this stretch of road. No place to turn off. Yet the lights ahead still glare red.

Inch by inch I move forward My eyes drawn to two cars on the shoulder.

The first driver I see has a phone to her ear. Her eyes are widened in shock, sadness...and is that fear?

The second car contains two men. The driver looks inconvenienced - He's trying to fake concern for his sin Wearing some sort of guilty half grin.

I look left to the other lane Cars stretch on and on that side just the same.

Why are we stopped? I look down and my heart drops.

A young buck lies in the middle of the street. His antlers are just sprouting Head erect he seems to be doubting The cars will run him over.

I frantically search for his wound. No blood, but his back legs don't seem to be able to move.

His eyes find me and there I discover true tranquility.

There is no fear, no wild panic that I've seen before in the eyes of his kin. Only calm acceptance lies in those inky black pools. He will die or he will live. He knows it's not his choice to make because it's not his sin.

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