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Healing power

Spirt Animal

I was running

Running from the latest misadventure I had found

It was partially of my own making

I foolishly though I could handle it

That it would be fun

A morning of indulgent play

I was never more wrong

For the indulgent play left me stained

Grief and Disgust Burning through My being From my part That I played

So I did the only thing, I knew to do

I ran away

As far as I could

Away from life and others, To the woods and mountains

I ran and hid

It was on the fourth day I found the falls

I stripped bare and plunged beneath the water

Rising to the rock shelf and pulling myself erect

The wind swirled over the falls, around me, and down the run

I felt the magical power dancing around me before I heard the voice

"Be still, fear not"

"For I am you and you are I"

In an instant the great blue dragon sat in the water before me

"I know of all your misadventures, of the pain you have dealt out and received"

"Together we will be whole once again"

In that moment under the falls on that rock ledge Earth Magic wove a spell of healing and binding

The great blue dragon and I were one and the same

Healed and Whole once again

So are the words and testament of Arlan Qiric...

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