Mjolnir, Beginning Of The End

Mjolnir, Beginning Of The End sci-fi stories

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Last stand of a sentient starship, part one

Mjolnir, Beginning Of The End

Thousands of lethal flicks of coherent light licked out from her anti-missile point defense clusters bring a fiery nuclear end to incoming missiles determined to end her existence.

There was no fear of not enough power, she was powered by not just one heart of a star but ten.

Those wonderous boiling and bubbling fusion power plants feeding glorious amounts of raw screaming energy not just to her point defenses,

but also to her refectory battle armor causing it to sing, and to her thousand of other energy needs.

Powering her sensors, her all seeing eyes, allowing her to see past that raging storm of nuclear hell raging all about her.

She could see the ancient enemy arrayed before her and all around her Swarmed three hundred and sixty degrees around her A deadly sphere lobbing missile after missile at her.

Her crew were all dead now, She was alone and hurting Having long ago bleed out her atmosphere Through the thousands of small and not so small holes through her hull.

In fact, It was the one large hole running completely through her amid ship that had taken her captain and the rest of the bridge crew from her in a single bomb pumped laser blast and Yet she remained and fought on

She contemplated all of this and more, As her point defense lasers reached and cut the unending torrent from the space around her

"Stop gathering wool sister" she thought

"Yes your crew is dead and if you don't get your shit together you will join them and the rest of the empire in the twilight of the long sleep.

There will be time to morn later.

You are Mjolnir!

The very hammer of god.

Start acting like it!" With that, she knew what must be done.

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