To The Boy (Title)
To The Boy (Title) to the boy stories

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After I got off the phone with you I thought of all the reasons I'm with you and this is what I came up with. So if you ever doubt how amazing you are, just read this<3

To The Boy (Title)

So this is to the boy who asks me why I’m with him.

My response is to laugh because I can’t find the right words to say to you. I laugh, not because I think it’s funny. I laugh because there are so many reasons it makes me dizzy to think of them all at once.

But I like it.

I like being with you



I love it.

I love when you say good morning. I love when you ask me how I am. I love when you ask me what I’m doing. It shows that you care and that whatever is going on at that time, affects you too.

It’s a pure and simple connection. I’ve had those connections before but they were one sided.

You tell me about your past and how you gave And gave And gave But it wasn’t returned

I know how that feels And how hard it is to do that again With someone else

But that’s what you’re doing

That’s what I’m doing

That’s what we are doing

You’re patient and kind My laughs taste sweeter When I’m with you

Sickeningly sweet to the point where I get a tummy ache

So I’m holding my tummy because you’ve fed me too much sugar but I couldn’t be happier

I love your silly voices.

I love hearing about your day

I love when you share your thoughts feelings hopes and dreams

It all sounds like a melody to me that I could fall asleep to every night

It’s a song that I’ll never get tired of hearing Even when I’ve heard it a million times before

So this is to the boy The amazing talented adorable incredible boy

I may not be able to say all these things to you but I’ll do my best to show you because nothing feels better than being with you

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