The Invasion (Title)
The Invasion (Title) alien stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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This was an interesting prompt. I've never written an alien story before so this was something new for me. I think it turned out okay.

The Invasion (Title)

“Did you see this?” Daniella thrusts the paper into my hands. It covers my plate of eggs, bacon and toast. I sigh and place my fork down.

I look up at my loving wife, my wife who worries every time the phone rings or every time our doorbell rings. I smile to myself as she sits down next to me. I place my hand on hers,

“Daniella, sweetie you know I love you but, I stop and look down at the paper, there’s nothing to worry…about.” I read the headline to myself and feel my smile fade away.

“Child Kidnapped From Carnival By Aliens Parents Said.”

Most of the abduction stories involve a blinding light and probes with little green men; this one mentions none of those things.

The article says two people dressed in normal clothes approached the parents whispered something in their ear that was in a language they didn’t understand and simply walked away with their child while they stood there unable to move or speak.

“This is it, it’s starting.” Daniella squeezes my hand with tears in her eyes.

I shake my head and set the paper down, “Even if this is happening, it has nothing to do with us anymore. We don’t belong to them anymore.”

“They’ll find us Samuel, they know we never came back and if any of them spot us, they’ll know why.”

Jack comes running into the kitchen and sits at the table, “Yum, smells good mom, he reaches for the pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, is everything okay?”

I reach over and fluff up Jacks hair, “Everything is fine son, I look over at Daniella, everything will be fine.”

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