The Goddess Cards (Part 1)
The Goddess Cards (Part 1) writing stories

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I got these cards a while ago with pictures of Goddesses on them and a bit of information about them so I wrote little stories about two of them. Enjoy :)

The Goddess Cards (Part 1)

Amphitrite ruler of the sea foaming waves learn to calm the storms controls the wind

The pale blue water rushed up to her as she inhaled. She held her breath. The waves breaking upon each other. She exhaled, pushing the water away from her.

With her exhale, the wind blew her dark hair straight out in front of her.

“I’m alone.”

The very thought brought the waves back to her. She stood her ground and closed her eyes. The storm around her had gone on long enough. With one final exhale the ocean water calmed.

The waves barely rippled. The destruction around her was nothing compared to how she felt inside.

Aphrodite soft golden radiant passionate love

The sun glistened off her skin The golden glow that surrounded her made him smile She represented everything he despised And yet he loved her

“Are you afraid to come into the light because all you’ve known is darkness?” she asked pushing her light towards him “I am, I am afraid of you more than I am of the demons that follow close behind me.”

“Do you wish me harm?” “No, I wish to make this feeling stop. This madness in my chest is worse than any pain I’ve ever inflicted.”

She smiled knowingly and pushed closer. His darkness being touched by her light made the wilted flowers spring to life around them. birds sang Heaven met Hell

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