The Devil In My Skin (Title)

The Devil In My Skin (Title) intimacy stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Just writing about new experiences :)

The Devil In My Skin (Title)

I never saw you before Except for small glances in the mirror

I never heard your voice before Besides the times it occupied my thoughts

I never felt you before But you begged me touch places that were unexplored

I never tasted you before Except for when I moistened my lips, parted them and inhaled lust

There you are...

I saw you You took over my sight and made me see red

I heard your voice It came from my lips in shaky breaths and soft moans

I felt you You took a hold of my body and finally got the closeness you craved

I tasted you God was sweeter than I thought and now the devil inside wants more

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