Promises Promises (Title)
Promises Promises (Title) free verse stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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On the phone with my dad for ten minutes and this is what happened

Promises Promises (Title)

You say the word promise more than you breathe It's amazing you haven't choked yet

It's as if the word means nothing to you It's starting to feel that way for me too

You promise me gold and leave me penniless You promise me the sun, moon and stars and leave me in the dark You promise me a full meal and leave me with crumbs

I don't mind it though

I'm used to it

Tell me again how you mean it this time Tell me again this time it'll be different

Tell me again how promises are supposed to taste because I've only tasted ones that are Spoiled Bitter Fake

That's why I'll never count on you That's why I'll never ask you for help That's why the thought of leaving is god damn tempting

I don't need you to promise me me anything It won't matter either way I'll keep all of this to myself to spare you

I promise

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