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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I've been writing a lot about him lately and I'm okay with it.

My Muse

My Safe Place (Title)

We keep giving each other an exit But neither of us wants to go

I want to stay In bed With you Head in my lap Fingers through your hair

Smile on my face.

Patience is Key (Title)

I don’t want to think about the past when my future is standing right in front of me

arms extended inviting and warm

I’m taking little steps forward But I keep getting pushed back

I know I’ll get there eventually And he’ll still be waiting

inviting and warm

Break the Cycle (Title)

He doesn’t take my breath away. He makes it so I can...

He’s not all I think about

He calms the swarming chaos in my head

He doesn’t grope or grab He crushes my doubts with his gentle hands

He reassures me

Tells me I’m amazing or beautiful with no other motive

Easier Said Than Done (Title)

My body craves his gentle touches I wish he could massage the worry from my brain Take out the bad memories and replace them all with him

Not the Same (Title)

Where there’s doubt There’s also hope It’s pushing it’s way to the surface Every time I see you

Letting the Past Go (Title)

Sharing my writing is more intimate than touching any part of my body. The last person I showed it to took advantage of both. I know you won’t do that. But it still makes my heart race.

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