My Buried Treasure (Title)
My Buried Treasure (Title) writing stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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Something I wrote for the daily challenge. Although it's not so much a "discovery" it's more like a re-discovery :)

My Buried Treasure (Title)

I unearthed something

I knew I had it before

But it got buried Under years and years

Of telling myself that the word strength

Wasn’t in my vocabulary

Speaking up created

A mess

That would spill out And touch every person I talked to

I submerged my hands in the dirt

All the way up to my elbows

I clutched those years

Pulled them from the ground

And threw them behind me

I dug

Until I discovered what I needed

(It wasn't something I could find in a friend)

(It wasn't something I could find in an significant other)

It was the thing that people barely heard or listened to

Timid and weak

Shaky and quiet

I found it

Now I need to remember

How to use it

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