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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I did a series called Cloud Thoughts a while ago so I thought I would do moon thoughts to go with the prompt :)

Moon Thoughts

stop time and walk down the middle of the road head towards the horizon once the sun goes down

let the moon draw you in until your close enough to see your own face on it dive into its craters and explore what's in your mind - night owl

Be like the moon the light in the dark Be like the moon the reason people smile

Be like the moon live a full life Be like the moon change with the tides and go through phases Be like the moon celebrate the end of the day and look forward to a new beginning - its a phase

Hey there moon child the sun went down go outside and hang out among the stars

It's okay if during the day you're sad the moon understands that you're lonely

there are plenty others out there looking at the same moon wishing on a shooting star for you. -Selenophile

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