Lydia and Dante (Part 9)
Lydia and Dante (Part 9) series stories

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Dante realizes the severity of the situation. Lydia deals with her unrequited love for Isaac. 10 likes for more

Lydia and Dante (Part 9)

“You need to dose with enough morphine and then roast me in the oven.” Benjamin pulled himself up and laid down on the table. Dante laughed and turned to him, “You’re being really coy about this.” “That’s cause I’m scared dumb ass.”

Dante grabbed the morphine and a syringe. “Yeah that makes two of us.” He said putting on gloves. “Remember to grab my bag on the way out.” Benjamin said to Dante as his vision started to blur. “This isn’t right.” Dante said as he prepped Benjamin’s arm.

“You’re damn right it isn’t fair, tears gathered to the corners of his eyes, I won’t be able to see my daughter graduate.” Dante grabbed his hand and held onto it, “Benjamin, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I promise I’ll find Lydia and keep her safe.” “She won’t have a problem with that, she thinks you’re cute.”

“She does?” he asked with a smile on his face. “Don’t get any ideas.” Benjamin saw the needle go in but he didn’t feel it. The only thing he could feel was the fever consuming his entire body. Dante bowed his head and said a prayer. Benjamin chuckled, “Are you religious?” he asked.

Dante shook his head, “No but I figure it couldn’t hurt. The world is going to hell, why should you.” Benjamin smiled and coughed up more blood with the black tar. “Thanks kid.” he said as the morphine pulled into him into the dark. “You’re welcome, Mr. C.”

“Are you okay?” Isaac asked Lydia as they walked up to the house. She looked down the street and saw the shadow of someone walking in the middle of the road. She thought about yelling out to see if they needed help but she got distracted by someone bursting out of the front door.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” she smiled and followed him into the house. He took her hand and led her through the crowds of people, “I didn’t know that there were this many people at our school!” Lydia tried to yell over the music. “What!” he yelled over his shoulder

“I said there are a lot of people here.” “You want a beer?” She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “I’m good right now.” They moved to another room in the house that was less noisy. It also happened to be in the room shrouded in a cloud of pot.

Lydia didn’t partake in drug use but she wasn’t going to tell someone else that they can’t. She sat down on the couch sandwiched between Isaac and another girl on her left and two of his friends from football on my left.

At first the conversation was between the five of them but, it turned into his football friends trying to hit on Lydia while Issac and the girl next to him made googly eyes at each other. “Do you want me to go you a beer?” the guy slurred into her ear.

Lydia shook her head, “No I’m fine.” He wiggled his eyebrows like a horny cartoon character and blew smoke into her face, “Why yes you are.” He said. Lydia stood up and motioned to Isaac that she was going to find the bathroom. She wasn’t even sure if he even saw or noticed she left.

Lydia looked around at the kids drinking, dry humping each other and passing a bong around. This is not where she belonged. Lydia knew that but she still agreed to come out tonight. Lydia found silence and solitude in the bathroom and also a person sleeping in the bath tub.

Did she think she was better than these people, no. But Lydia knew that being there was a mistake. Maybe it was because she lied to her dad or something else entirely but Lydia knew that she should leave.

Lydia went back into the living room to find Isaac and saw him face deep in that girl’s cleavage. She looked down at her own breasts and cursed them for not being bigger. She stopped herself from comparing any further. Lydia could feel her old body issues creeping up again.

Instead of making a scene she quietly backed out of the room, walked through the crowd and left out the front door.

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