Lydia and Dante (Part 7)
Lydia and Dante (Part 7) series stories

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Benjamin and Dante get back to the hospital and have to find the body from the morgue. 15 likes for part 8.

Lydia and Dante (Part 7)

“Come ‘on Lydia please come with!” Isaac begged.

“Isaac, you know I don’t like socializing with the lesser beings we go to school with. The point of summer is that I don’t have to see them.”

Right now Isaac was literally on his knees, begging Lydia to go with him to a party tonight. She had to admit she did like the fact that he wanted her to go. She liked him and he knew that so he was going to sweet talk her until she gave in. Lydia can’t say no to him and his adorable half smile. And those dimples, she’s not boy crazy, just Isaac crazy.

He grabbed her hand and scooted closer, “I know, but I think it’ll be fun. Ya never know?” She bit the corner of her lip and sighed, “Okay fine!” He kissed her hand. Lydia almost melts as he pulls her off the bed and into his arms.

“Thanks Lydia, you’re the best.” He said wrapping his hands around her.

“Yeah, yeah.”

When they got out of the cab, Robert was standing in the shadows with two white coats and masks in his hands. “You think this will get us in?” “Trust me, no one is going to care if two more doctors are walking around. It’s pretty chaotic in there.”

Benjamin has been in plenty of situations that he would call chaotic but this was beyond that. As soon as they got off the elevator they were nearly trampled by people in gurney’s being pushed to other rooms. People were yelling and screaming.

Doctors and nurses were walking patients to other parts of the hospital and in the middle of it all were guys in military uniforms looking carefully at everyone. “Where do we start to look for a body?” Dante asked.

“Besides the morgue, let’s just look around. Also where’s the morgue attendant, Bill?” Benjamin asked

“He’s missing too.” Robert said.

“Oh that can’t be good.” Dante said as he nearly got trampled by a bunch of army guys running towards them.

“We should probably follow them but don’t get to close.” Robert said.

Those guys were more focused on where they were going rather than who was behind them. Benjamin was more focused on not getting shoved into someone with a badge who would ask questions. They pushed their way down the hall and into the stairwell. It wasn’t any less crowded with people trying to leave.

“Someone on the first floor had a run in with John Doe.” A crackling voice said from one of the walkie talkies. They immediately turned around and ran back down the stairs. They made their way back down the hall, towards the stairwell and were stopped before they could get through the door, “Hold on where are your ID’s!”

Benjamin turned to Robert and tilted his head to the fire alarm on the wall. Robert nodded. Benjamin leaned in close to Dante as he pretended to grab his ID inside the lab coat. “When I say run you run.” Dante nodded.

As soon as Benjamin pulled his hand from my pocket, Robert pulled the fire alarm and Dante took off down the stairs. Robert shoved the guy up against the wall, which gave Benjamin a chance to run and catch up to Dante.

He pushed open the door and ran right into Dante who skidded to a stop. The army guys were carrying a girl who couldn’t have been more than 15 out of her room. They tried to strap her to gurney but she was fighting back.

“Let me help I’m a doctor!” Benjamin yelled and pushed his way up to them.

“This one has come in contact with the deceased, she needs to be quarantined.”

He pushed the guy back and rolled the gurney away from him, “Okay, I’ll take care of that. Why don’t you go do your damn job?!” The guy was younger than Benjamin so he figured if he acted tough, the kid might back down. Dante and Robert followed Benjamin down the hall to an empty room.

As soon as they were in Benjamin shut the door and took the straps off the girl’s arm. “Are you okay?” he asked her. She nodded and rubbed her wrists. “Can you tell me anything about the man you saw?”

The girl sighed and started moving her hands. “She’s deaf.” Dante said. “Great, how are we supposed to find the stiff now?” Dante sighed and walked up to the girl. His hands started signing faster than Benjamin's eyes could keep up with.

“She said” He’s like a zombie. He tried to bite her. Also she can read lips if you talk slow.”

“How come you know sign language?” Robert asked.

“My brother is deaf.” Dante said.

He sat down next to the girl and started signing again. “I asked her If she was bit.” She shook her head. Robert and Benjamin were doing their own examination, to their selves.

Benjamin turned towards Robert so the girl couldn’t read his lips, “What should we do with her? If we hand her over we know exactly what they’ll do with her.” “We’ll find her a place and hide her there.”

Benjamin turned back to Dante who was still signing with the girl. He walked up to her and got close so she could read his lips, “Did you see where the man went?” She nodded and signed to Dante, “She said he tried to get out of her window but they came in and stopped him.”

“He’s trying to get out; we gotta find him before that happens.” Robert said.

The four of them jumped when they heard gunshots outside the door. Dante signed to the girl to hide under the bed. Robert walked over to the door as bullets shattered the glass and the door flew open. “Don’t shoot!” Robert yelled.

John Doe looked at the three of them then turned around and bit the army guy standing in front of the door. Another guy shot at him but it barely stopped him. The girl crawled out from under the bed and ran out into the hallway. John Doe turned and ran after her. Benjamin pushed the one guy out of the way so that Dante could run after her.

Robert picked up the guy’s gun and smacked him in the face repeatedly until he fell down. “Go after them and don’t let him leave here no matter what!” He said handing the gun to Benjamin.

Benjamin ran out into the hall and raised his gun when he saw John Doe advancing towards Dante and the girl. There were numerous bodies on the floor, some still moving but most of them weren't. There was blood streaked across the white tile towards the nurses station where one of the nurses managed to crawl about three feet before dying.

Benjamin did not have a good aim, he was worried about missing the John Doe and hitting Dante or the girl. Plus he saw that bullets didn't stop the John Doe. He bent down, picked up a piece of glass and sliced it across his palm.

The John Doe whipped his head around and looked at Benjamin. “That’s it, walk towards me.” Benjamin took steps back. “Wait! Mr. C, what are you doing?!” Dante yelled. “Don't worry about me, just take the girl and find somewhere safe. I’ve got an idea.”

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