Lydia and Dante (Part 11)
Lydia and Dante (Part 11) series stories

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Lydia receives a last goodbye and Dante contemplates what needs to be done next. 10 likes for more

Lydia and Dante (Part 11)

She bit her bottom lip and crossed her arms over her chest, “What happened.” She whispered. “I don’t even know if I have an answer you’ll understand or one that will help.” “What happened.” She said through gritted teeth.

“He got infected.”

Dante didn’t tell her that he was the one to burn him in the incinerator. He didn’t her that he r dad was bitten by someone who was supposed to be dead. He was still trying to process it himself. “Infected, but he’s going to be alright. I mean that’s what medicine is for.”

He shook his head and heard an intake of breath come from her. Lydia fell to her knees and muttered over and over, “No, this isn’t happening.” Dante stood there awkwardly watching the innocence being torn from her. Her mother passed away three years ago and now her father was gone too. He couldn’t even imagine how she was feeling.

He moved from his spot and sat down in front of her. She picked her head up and looked at him. Dante took out her father’s phone and placed it in front of her, “You’re Dad made a video on his phone to say good bye. I’ll be right outside if you need me.”

Lydia stared at her dad’s phone. His wallpaper was a picture of them at the museum from a few months ago. Every year since Lydia was 4 they have gone to the museum for her birthday. Of course her favorite exhibit was the medical history exhibit which had a section where you could watch a video and see how they embalmed the mummies in ancient Egypt.

She slowly picked up the phone and clicked on the folder labeled videos. There were four files. The newest one was 4 minutes and 11 seconds long, the others were of Lydia at her track meets. She clicked on the video and sat with her legs curled up to her chest.

“Hey kiddo, her dad was propped up against a metal drawer in the morgue, I’m so sorry that I have to say this but I’m not going to be around anymore.” Lydia covered her mouth and felt the tears rolling down her cheek. On the screen her dad closed his eyes and cleared his throat.

“I wish things were different and that I could be around to watch you become a doctor or forensic psychologist but I know you’re going to do something great with your life. You’re so talented Lydia, smarter than most people in my field. I’m so proud of you baby.”

She closed her eyes and paused the video. Seeing her dad cry was the worst thing in the world. It was the only thing that was guaranteed to make her cry. Lydia kept her emotions inside, like her mother. They never showed their vulnerable side because then people would think they were weak. Her dad was the opposite.

He always expressed his emotions and let everyone know exactly how he was feeling. “I don’t know what kind of disease we’re dealing with but I know I’m scared. I wish I could explain it more but I’m running out of time. I need you and Dante to find Uncle Henry. He may be the only person that can stop whatever this is. Take care. Be safe, I love you.”

Lydia put the phone down and cried into her dad’s comforter. It smelled like him, which made her cry even harder. A few minutes later she got up, wiped her face and walked over to the door. Dante was sitting on the ground with his head down. When he heard the door open he looked up at her.

“What do we do now?” she asked. He stood up and leaned against the wall, “Your dad told me to find someone named Henry Boyd but I have to make sure my family is okay.”

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