Joselyn (Part 6)
Joselyn (Part 6) young adult stories

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Matty doesn't hear from Joselyn for a while until one night when she needs a ride. 10 likes for more :)

Joselyn (Part 6)

After our weird little encounter I didn’t hear from Joselyn for a week. I even went to a party two nights ago because I thought she might show up, she didn’t. I started to think that maybe it was just a once and done thing, until she called me one night.

I was around 11, Danny was at the bar and I was sitting on my bed in my boxers watching some show I didn’t even like. I figured it was Danny and he needed a ride so I answered, “Need me to pick your drunk ass up?” “I’m not actually drunk right now but a ride would be nice.”

I sat up and covered myself with a blanket even though there was no way Joselyn could see me right now, “Oh hey, sorry I thought you were Danny. What’s up?” “Nothing I was just walking around and thinking about those photos you took. I wanna see em.”

“What, okay um sure I can come get you. Where are you?” “I’m on the corner of Hazel and Club Street.” “Okay, that’s only like 5 blocks over. I’ll be there in a few.”

I drove faster then I should’ve for residential streets but I was excited to see her and also a little worried for her safety. There’s a biker bar not far from Hazel Street and a guy was shot coming out of it last week. When I pulled up to the corner she was talking to someone.

He was probably in his early to mid-thirties with a ponytail and tattoos on either arm. He looked over at me, our eyes met and then I panicked and looked away. I looked over again and saw him shake Joselyn’s hand. When she got in the car I pretended that I was messing with the radio.

“You got you here fast.”

“Yeah I had all green lights on the way over.” Lie, I had two but I didn’t know what else to say. She seemed upset maybe because I wasn’t supposed to see that interaction. I didn’t care what Joselyn did, I just wanted her to be safe.

The car fell silent except for the radio that played a soft spoken melody, “You weren’t supposed to see that.” “See what, you were just having a nice conversation with a tattooed biker dude outside a seedy bar in the bad part of town.”

She smiled and looked out the window. Lights from street lights cast a yellow glow on her face. With each flash of light her expression changed. I wished I wasn’t driving because it would have made a hell of a picture. “All parts of this town are bad.” She said bitterly.

“We should let the concerned mothers of our suburbs know that.” “Yeah, she smiled, they need to raise awareness by selling store bought baked good and pawning them off as homemade.”

“Well of course, how do you expect Carol to take care of three kids, run her own business, make sure diner is on the table every night so Kevin, her husband can come home and do nothing and bake cupcakes. She has to take shortcuts somewhere.”

We kept the dialogue going until we got back to the house. I think Joselyn appreciated it because it distracted her from whatever was on her mind. “So it’s just you and Danny living here?” I nodded and turned off the car,

“Yep, we have a spare bedroom but so far no other roommates have worked out for us.” “They can’t handle your bromance.” “I guess not, ten years going strong.”

I wanted her to know I was there for her but I wasn’t going to force her to talk if she didn’t want to. I didn’t voice that to her but she gave a look like she knew.

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