Joselyn (Part 1)
Joselyn (Part 1) series stories

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Here's another story I've been working on for a long time about a guy who checks to see how the water is before jumping in and a girl who cannonballs into the deep end.

Joselyn (Part 1)

Her name was Joselyn Jacobs, Joz to her friends, Jo to her clients and JJ to her male companions. But I didn’t call her any of those names, at first. When I first met her I called her Joselyn because I was not her friend, client or one of her guys.

I was just the guy who sat behind her in numerous classes in middle school and spoke to her a handful of times in high school. It wasn’t until I went to college that we became a part of the same crowd. She had a reputation long before college though.

The rumors I heard about her ranged anywhere from she slept with a teacher to she once put hallucinogenic mushrooms on a pizza and had it delivered to the faculty. I didn’t know which ones I believed or if I believed any of them.

If you looked at Joselyn, when she was sitting underneath her favorite tree and reading a book, you wouldn’t think she was a party girl. Or more accurately, the party girl. Joselyn had the hook up, as people called it. She could get people whatever they wanted. Everyone had her number on speed dial and she spent most of her time at people’s beckoned call.

The first time I saw her was, shockingly at a party. I came there with my friend Danny and few others. “What are we doing at a fraternity party? I mean why couldn’t we just go to the bar like usual?”

“Because you just said why, it’s the usual and I’m tired of the usual Matty, Danny put his arm around me and squeezed my face between, I want the strange and unusual.” I pushed him away and shook my head, “Alright but your ugly ass is coming home with me tonight, just like every night.”

He flipped me off and held open the gate. I walked through the arch way and was careful of the vines hanging down to grab me. Even they were trying to stop me from going into the party. As soon as we rounded the corner, the smell of pot and bad decisions filled the air. I was familiar with both smells but more the second one than anything.

I slipped my camera out of my jacket pocket and started snapping pictures of the debauchery that was going on around me. People hooking up, breaking up and getting messed up made for good photography. Danny turned towards me and rolled his eyes,

“Really Matty, do you have to bring your camera everywhere we go?” “I don’t bring it everywhere but, this is the perfect place to take pictures for my new art project. It’s called, “From Innocence to Destruction.” “You should call it, “Not going to get you laid.” Whatever dude just try to enjoy yourself a little.”

I put the camera away and followed Danny in through back door where I could hear people chanting. At first I thought they were yelling “Go.” But as I got closer to where the noise was coming from I could make out the word more clearly.

They were chanting Jo not go. In the middle of the living room was a table where a guy was standing at the front of it, pouring liquor into three shot glasses. Instead of handing them to other people, he downed all three of them. His face was a mixture of hurt and disgust. I could feel the burn in his throat just by looking at his face.

I looked over the crowd and saw someone standing at the other end of the table. As people around me moved I caught glimpses of the person. Dark head of hair, kind of long for a guy and wait is that nail polish? Her lips were dark red and pursed, like she was thinking of something funny that no one else knew about.

I saw her lay down two more shot glasses, in addition to the two that were already in front of her. She filled the shots up to the top, grabbed each one and downed them. Four slams on the table had everyone chanting her name again.

The attention turned to the guy who was easily three times the girls size and stature. He added two more shot glasses, which gave him a total of 5. His hand shook as he poured the last shot. While everyone watched the guy struggle to drink the third shot, I watched the girl. Her long brunette hair was covering the side of her face but I could see that she was smiling.

She knew she won. The guy brought the 4th shot up to his lips then turned and hurled in the bucket beside him. The room erupted in a chorus of boos and cheers. A guy came up behind the girl and picked her up.

He spun her around and kissed her. She pushed herself away from him and grabbed the stack of cash that was in the middle of the table. She fanned herself with it and disappeared into the masses. I turned to Danny and yelled over the music, “Was that who I think it is?”

He nodded, “Yep Joselyn Jacobs, still as hot as ever. Ryan is a lucky son of bitch!” I nodded. Even though I didn’t have much interaction with Joselyn up until this night, I noticed her.

It was hard not too with young Angelina Jolie esque appearance and the fact that she was the girl that every guy wanted to sleep with. Every school had one and in ours, it was Joselyn. I caught glimpses of Joselyn throughout the night and snapped a few pictures of her. I tried to take pictures of other people and things, but I was drawn to her.

Her reckless nature was captured perfectly through my lens. My favorite photo from that night is one where Joselyn threw a mattress out of a window and onto the lawn. She made four guys hold the mattress up while she stood on top of it.

She was a queen being admired by her loyal servants on top of her tempurpedic throne. Her one hand was held high in the air, reaching for the stars and her other was being pulled back down to reality by Ryan Evans. She was wearing a black cropped top and either her underwear or a bathing suit bottom, not sure which.

There was a tattoo peeking out on the side of her stomach and a bright neon dot on her belly button, I guessed it was a piercing. As more people funneled out of the party, I sat on the couch, which would most likely be my bed for the night. I was pretty sober at that point but I didn’t want to risk it.

I flipped through the pictures I took that night. I wondered if the people in the photos would remember what happened tonight or if they wanted to remember it at all.

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