I've Been Here Before (Title)

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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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This is not about you. This is about someone who will never see these words. None of it matters because in a few weeks yous will forget about me.

I've Been Here Before (Title)

I have tasted heartache Blood filled my mouth from biting my tongue and before it had a chance to heal It was ripped open again and I'm tired of hurting myself to spare the feelings of people that don't care That see me hurting and think I don't reserve relief.

Everyone deserves a moment to breathe Why couldn't you have given that to me? Your words didn't have to be sugary sweet I can take medicine without any comforting words to remove the sting and bitter taste.

What I can't stand is silence! I'll keep filling the silence with my words and if you don't like it well maybe you should apologize

Just step out of the hardened shell your so damn proud of reach into your chest pull out your heart and show it to me because I don't think I've ever seen it! not once in years and years have you shown it to me

I show you mine...all the time but to you it's me being over dramatic and emotional Swallow your pride the way I've swallowed heartache over and over

How does it taste?

No good right but if you would be willing to experience that taste for me just once! I would swallow the heartache take out bricks from my wall and let you see in

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