It's Just Science (Title)
It's Just Science (Title) atom stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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A little scientific poem for you :)

It's Just Science (Title)

Electrons float around in a cloud...that’s their job They’re tiny little balls of negative energy moving around something much larger than them. Their job is to be just that No one expects them to suddenly change and become something else

Protons are bigger They have a bigger job Their job is to be positive and balance the negativity from electrons But without the negativity,the protons have no job. They don’t matter

Neutrons are there to be there They are indifferent They have no say in what happens But they need to be there

The proton finds the indifference of the neutron fascinating The proton draws the neutron close They become something else

The electrons circle around them Keeping them bound together

All of the parts work together to make an atom

And those atoms make up person

That's why when two people meet

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