How Low Will You Go? (Title)
How Low Will You Go? (Title) i'm okay stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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I've hit some lows but not that low. 2/28/18

How Low Will You Go? (Title)

“How are you doing?” “I have my moments.”

What I mean by that is I have moments where my mind agrees to give me a break It doesn’t play everything over and over in my head It presses pause on the inner monologue

“You messed up again.” “This is your fault.” “You don’t deserve to be happy anyway.” “Everyone will eventually leave you.” “No one will ever love someone like you.”

Ect…ect Instead it plays a soft melody of understanding and acceptance

“Get out of bed.” “Put clothes on.” “Eat something.” “Go to class.” “Focus on yourself.”

It’s not that simple Some days I can’t do all of those things Some days I can’t even do one

I’m waiting for the moments to get better Waiting for the song to play longer Seconds into minutes Minutes into hours Hours into days

You don’t have to see these moments You don’t have to hear the song I’ll hold myself through them both The good ones And the bad ones

I’ll spend these moments however I want or need to But I won’t spend them coming up with an apology Because that would be my lowest moment of all And my song would turn to deafening silence

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