Honesty Hour (Title)
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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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They say honesty is the best policy but I can't get my mouth to form the words I need to say

Honesty Hour (Title)

Okay I'm going to be a hundred percent honest with everyone just for a moment about everything

I honestly want you in a way I've never wanted anyone before That honestly scares me But if I'm being perfectly honest it doesn't scare me at all

I honestly need days where I don't hear from you Talking to you honestly drains me emotionally and it takes a while for me to fill myself back up and it's not fair to everyone else in my life because they have to deal with me You don't

I honestly feel like I can't talk to you Talking to you is honestly like talking to an inanimate object because you don't say anything I couldn't say to myself and your excitement is non existent, unless it's something about you And I find myself thinking "Has it always been this way?"

I honestly think you're going to end up getting hurt and I don't think you want what you've been settling for. I think you want more but your honestly afraid which makes me sad because you deserve more Even though your advice doesn't help most of the time, I honestly appreciate you trying

I honestly hate all the things I've put you through I honestly appreciate every time you've stayed awake to make sure I was okay while I paced back and forth in the room and told you not to talk to me. I was so mean...

and you were just trying to help but I couldn't recognize it all the time because I was too concerned with breathing and trying to convince myself I wasn't dying. I honestly feel like everything I've accomplished is because of you.

I honestly miss you so much and it hurts my soul and entire being that you haven't reached out to me I can't forget about it and I honestly can't believe you haven't thought about me once when I think about you daily. I know you probably think I'm lying but like I said I'm being a hundred percent honest.

And finally

I honestly hate the way you are I honestly hate how you overreact to every little thing It's honestly exhausting being you being around you being with you

And I honestly don't know how you make it out of bed make it through the day make it home again and do it all over again Honestly, it's a damn miracle

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