Dictionary Poetry (Part 1)
Dictionary Poetry (Part 1) dictionary stories

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I've seen dictionary poetry before and I decided to try it out myself with a few words :)

Dictionary Poetry (Part 1)

Hope: /hop/ Noun/Verb

1. a desire deep inside that manifests from a tiny spark in a dark room where your heart is patiently waiting for you to listen to it.

2. the fairy dust that gets sprinkled into dreams and travels throughout your body. from the top of your head where the feeling started to the bottoms of your feet where your need to make the first step.

3. I want you to succeed. I want you to find the strength to keep going. I want you to glow with the sun and dream with the moon.

Catharsis: /k@'THars@s/ Noun

1. sitting in front of a blank canvas with a mind full of chaos. expelling it the form of splattered red paint, drips of yellow, splotches of green from nervous hands who are in control.

2. a white speckled linoleum floor. a blue shag carpet. a pillow propping up your tear stained face. the voice of someone screaming into existence the words that were deep inside you begging to come out.

3. that thing that girl said to you in 1st grade about your hair. the image of a man, face beet red, spit flying and salty tears drowning out your voice. his hand holding yours, gripping your knee, pushing his fingers against a place no one has touched before and his warm breath in your ear. the excitement of "I love you" and the ache of "I'm sorry", let it go.

Poetry: /'po@tre/ Noun

1. when the sun peeks out between the leaves on a hot summer day because a cool breeze comes along and blows your sundress against the wishies in the grass that float around you and swirl up into the sky land somewhere new and grow again.

2. taking pain and turning it into a knife piercing every good thought and feeling you once had about someone and having a chorus of people preaching your words and tattooing them onto their skin, taking love and turning it inside out to reveal every smile, every flower and every kiss connected to the person who gave the word meaning...

taking sadness from every atom in your body and producing enough tears to drown out all of the voices in your head telling you that you deserve it, taking anger that builds up in the core of your chest, crushing, snapping and shattering any joy that tries to penetrate through it and giving it the air to scream.

3. the sun. the moon. the stars. the trees. a smile. a frown. laughing. crying. a book. a painting. flowers. dirt. the ocean. the mountains. the color blue. the color brown. a sunrise. a sunset. black and white photos. technicolor photos. candlelight. moonlight. the beginning. the end.

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