Dark Cloud Thoughts

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arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
Autoplay OFF   •   23 days ago
It's been a while and it's been a rough day so I did the only that makes me feel better.

Dark Cloud Thoughts

2/8/21 I wonder if that song still makes you think of me or if it's just a song you hear on the radio and turn the station in search of something better - I hope you found it

Why would anyone want a broken toy when you can have one that's shiny and new? Why would anyone spend time fixing it when it’s going to end up breaking as soon as you touch it? Why would you choose me? - damaged

I think I was happier pretending everything was okay When I chose to look pass every time we didn’t agree Didn’t speak about it Kept my mouth shut And forced a smile on my face -I swallowed razor blades to keep them happy

It’s scary to think that it was so easy to lose myself That all it took was losing you and looking into a mirror to realize I was staring at a stranger -identity crisis

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