Cloud Thoughts (Part 7)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 7) poems stories

arivers610 Just another hopeless writer
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some of my favorite cloud thoughts from this past month or so. Happy writing :)

Cloud Thoughts (Part 7)

“But don’t you want pleasure?” I get pleasure from things that hold my attention rather than my hand. I get pleasure from things that kiss my soul rather than my lips I get pleasure from things that you can’t even begin to understand. -another stupid kid

Congratulations Look at how far you’ve come Look at where you were Turn around and look Do you recognize that person? Do you still see glimpses of her in the mirror? Or have you completely ripped her out of your memory? -I don’t know her

I attract the broken pieces of others not because I think they can fit with mine but because I think I can use my pieces to fix them -a magnet for the damaged ones

I got tangled in a web of sweet smiles and words. It caught me when I fell again and again then it broke -not enough

In this place there are people waiting, people wallowing and people waiting for the wallowing to end. — the strongest death

I had to chew gum all day today because your messages left a bad taste in my mouth. — 8/9/18

You’re lonely, you have needs I get it But when I say I need someone it goes beyond that word because what I need from someone is not in between their legs.

I need patience I need time I need all the things you can’t offer me. I don’t need to have sex in a bed with someone I need to work on relaxing to the point where I can fall asleep in someone’s arms

I don’t need to make out I need to take my time learning the curvature of someone’s lips and calm my trembling hands. —I have needs too

We’ll see what becomes of this. We’ll see if I was just a passing blissful thought. You were trapped in your loneliness so you decided to reach your hand out wondering if mine was still there waiting for you. — my hand is there, my heart isn’t

If there was a gravestone for every time I felt my heart break because someone left because someone came back and I knew they would leave again I would need an endless amount of flowers to place at the graves. I revisit every heartbreak whenever a new one happens

I search the names on the graves the dates looking for a connection searching for a reason why I’m wasting something beautiful on something that causes me pain -graveyard of broken hearts

My sins melted away the moment you first touched me Anyone that had touched me before disappeared over the sound of you saying I love you -the good parts

This is to all the girls who read books about girls who ended up married to their best friend and thought that was what love was -real life isn’t a YA novel

This it to all the girls who had their heart broken way before they knew the words to describe what it felt like but knew it was going to happen again and again -father daughter crap

The reality is I don’t know what I’m doing but I know whatever I’m doing is making me a better person and someone someday will appreciate it the way I do -I appreciate you (me) trying

Tonight was the first time in a long time I felt tears form in my eyes for a good reason -we are going to be friends

I can take myself out go on walks buy myself flowers watch movies and laugh and cry and laugh and feel good and be happy by myself -I don’t need an “other” I’m significant

I can still do all the things I want to do without them -my own best friend

You know if you wanted to get on my good side Get me to throw away my "I am woman hear my roar" mask All you had to do was say three little words but you didn’t and I’m so glad you didn’t -I miss you

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